The condition and look of our smile have a great impact on our health and appearance.Nowadays, considering the technological advances and professional expertise available to us, there are no excuses when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy.
Our teeth and mouth are constantly exposed to external agents. These may cause illnesses which can become serious. In order to avoid these risks, prevention and appropriate treatment are essential.At our clinic in Cuzco (Madrid) our team know how to protect your teeth and keep your smile healthy.

Conservative dentistry services available at our clinic:


Tooth decay treatment


Decay is damage to the enamel that protects our teeth. The bacteria in our mouth create plaque and produce acids which attack the enamel leading to decay. The most likely teeth to decay are the molars.

In order to avoid decay, it is important to follow a good hygiene routine. Regular check-ups will allow the dentist to detect tooth decay early and repair the damage with a filling.




When decay affects the tooth nerves, it normally causes pain. The quickest most effective solution to this problems is known as endodontic treatment. It involves opening up the tooth to remove the pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels.

Depending on the tooth, the treatment may involve one, two or multiple root canals.

Our specialists have the expertise and the skills needed to perform quick, safe and painless endodontic treatments.

Decay destroys the enamel that protects our teeth. Decay treatment at our clinic is quick and painless. Let us help you prevent and treat decay.


Dental prosthetics


Thanks to the advances in dental technology, prosthetics are now very different from what they used to be. At our clinic in Madrid, we offer a variety of dental prosthetics to suit the needs of each patient. All our prosthetic appliances provide a comfortable and secure fit so that you can lead a normal life.


Paediatric dentistry


Paediatric dentistry deals with any problems which may affect your child’s teeth. Treatments for primary teeth are less conservative. They require attention as any problems involving baby teeth may affect adult teeth.

At our clinic, we have a specialist in paediatric dentistry treatments who will take good care of your child’s teeth.
The sooner we start caring for our children’s teeth the greater are the chances for healthy and beautiful teeth in the future. Come and meet us!

What our patients say

Our patient´s satisfaction speaks for itself. See what they have to say about us.

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how professional, caring and interested in my concerns the team were. Thanks a lot!

    José Luís
    José Luís
  • A great team dedicated to provide the best possible care. I felt at ease and confident that, with them, I was getting the right treatment.

  • Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile!

  • Un equipo excelente en todos los aspectos. Me solucionaron un problema con una gran profesionalidad.

    Carmen Pérez
    Carmen Pérez Usuario de Facebook
Conservative dentistry

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